5 Minutes at 5 Stones 8/16/2019


All right, it's a Friday again, another great week at 5 Stones a we're gonna do our five minutes and five stones this time I'm calling in my eco workers. Um, Danny and Tony when he's in North Carolina and he's in Waco. Um, both Hammond nights are always Louisiana people, um, in the old days, but now working for us remotely. Um, so me, uh, I agree. We, we brought on a new social media client in the building sector this week, which I'm very excited about and have a proposal presentation in about 45 minutes to a security company out of that room. So I'm excited about that. But my most favoritist super favorite thing that's happened this week, guys, is this right here. We now have climbed gifts, so you should become our client for marketing. But really for this right here, because I've been wanting to give gifts for a long, long time and it finally occurred to me that one of our clients literally makes guests professionally, if you've never heard of or been to the basketry, this is what they do. And this is so much better than anything I ever, I mean, Tony will tell Ya, I had an idea to make our own coffee bag, which sounds cool, whatever, but it never would have happened or wouldn't take it forever and now I've got this thing and I'll have to do it. I don't have to shrink wrap anything. So definitely the basketball is super grateful for this artist sent it to clients. I look forward to sending it to all our new clients in the future. Um, Mr Tony, what's been going on this week, man, 

I have been working this week on a number of things. One thing I'm really excited about, uh, I can actually share a little sneak peek with you guys, is uh, our new marketing playbook. Um, and I'll share just a quick little sneak at that. Um, just, you know, something that Jr can have when he's going and doing sales and just kind of, uh, you know, answering the questions to clients. We'll put some stats in there and, you know, just kind of talk about how our sales process works, how our, how working with us works. Um, what to expect. Um, pricing. Anything you asked the question about, you know, it'll, it'll be in here. Um, so that's something I'm really excited about working on. Trying to put the finishing touches on that so that it can be a nice cool piece that we can share with our clients, potential clients and just get a lot of information out there. 

You designed that kind of stuff in Photoshop, Tony InDesign, illustrator people, 

the one, this one is in, in design because it's multiple slides and we want to be print ready. So you know, InDesign is better for that. Photoshop will get a little clunky on print. Things like this multi page things. Um, so this one, this one's an end design. 

Yeah, I'm very excited about that too. Oh, that thing's going to be great. That's awesome too. All right. Uh, Danny, what'd you got? 

Well, I've also been working on several projects this week as usual, but well, I'm really excited about this week is I got a few of our clients set up on Google guarantee ads, which is like, uh, elite status for, um, Google ads right now. Um, the process is pretty extensive and I have to work really closely with the client and also with, and um, I basically get their businesses verified and then they're eligible to use what is called Google guarantee ads, which has like a cool green badge on the um, Google ad. And then it also shows up at the very top of the page. So it's a really cool service, uh, that I'm able to get some of our people set up on. 

Yeah. And so you're underplaying how much effort you're having to put into this. Like how many hours have you had to like been on the phone and send emails and stuff? Say just to get one of these clients. Is Google guaranteed, 

right? It's been at least five hours just on one client this week because the process is very extensive. Like you have to provide your, uh, insurance information, your licensing information. But the cool thing is is it's me spending the five hours doing a, it's not our clients spending the five hours doing it cause they're very busy people and I'm happy I am able to help them get this set up. Cause I don't know if they would have the time on their own to do it 

right, not just the time, but the benefit of this thing. So in a world where everybody wants to rank number one, all the SEO stuff, you're, I mean, you're a digital ad managers. This is kind of that cross between SEO and digital advertising. But like the benefits of the client will, will be, we're a Goo if you can prove to them through all that six hours or whatever work that Google trusts, this person gives them the badge, whatever, it could be huge for the client, right? 

Yes, absolutely. It's um, Google's way of like stepping up their game to show people up front that the businesses are very, very valid and not just anyone can get these kinds of ads. You have to, um, go through a very extensive verification process. Even a background check actually is required. So Google is just wanting to, you know, show people, hey, this is like the best company around for this. And that's really the point of it. 

It's a super brand new too. Like I didn't know this existed before. You told me about it like a week and a half ago or something like that, so. Yep. Very cool. All right guys, thanks. Um, and we'll see you next week. I hope that's felt like slightly longer than five minutes. So forgiveness by five [inaudible] five minutes ish. Okay. Have a good weekend, guys.