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Our team is more like a "work family". Don't be fooled though -- we have A LOT of fun, but still get A LOT done. We're committed to our clients, our community, and our craft. We can't wait to show you what we can do!
Brian Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Brian Walker

CEO & Founder

Kim Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Kim Walker

Director of Client Services

J.R. Portman Tuesday, June 27, 20170

J.R. Portman

COO & Vice President

Tony Romain Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Tony Romain

Art Director

Dylan Wilkinson Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Dylan Wilkinson

Videographer & Photographer

Karen Lewis Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Karen Lewis

Web Specialist

Danielle Wilkinson Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Danielle Wilkinson

Graphic Designer

Danni Marks Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Danni Marks

Digital Advertising Specialist

Rachael Portier Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Rachael Portier

Marketing Specialist

Jada Davis Tuesday, April 3, 20180

Jada Davis

Account Coordinator

Corey Parks Tuesday, April 3, 20180

Corey Parks

Social Media Manager

“We believe in having a 'work family' and having an enjoyable work environment that is supportive and fosters growth. Not only is it important for our work environment to be enjoyable, but we believe that it is important to enjoy working with each other and the client.”

- J.R. Portman, COO

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