“We were looking for an innovative way of creating opportunities for our customers, and we ended up actually fixing some problems we didn’t know we had. There were a lot of people saying “I’ve been coming for years and this helped me discover things I didn’t know existed!” But I didn’t know it was a problem, because I didn’t know they didn’t know. ”
-Alvon Brumfield, CEO, Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Louisiana Renaissance Festival

In an effort to encourage festival patrons to discover all that the Louisiana Renaissance Festival (LARF) has to offer, 5 Stones Media created a strategic mobile based scavenger hunt for the 2015 season. During the length of the festival more than 500 patrons boosted their LARF experience by completing over 5,400 tasks, submitting nearly 700 user generated images and sharing their LARF experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Over the span of the six-week festival, the brand’s Facebook Page grew to over 39k likes, with 3,241 new likes obtained as a direct result of the scavenger hunt’s social integration features.

Also, the scavenger hunt added value to the LARF experience by engaging patrons on the festival grounds in real time activities and event-oriented tasks, encouraging repeat visits throughout the season, rewarding brand loyalty and increasing engagement levels and follower rates on all social media platforms. Louisiana Renaissance Festival
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What is Louisiana Renaissance Festival?

Every November, the fictional kingdom of "Albright" rises out of the forests of Hammond, LA for a six-weekend-long trip back in time, The Louisiana Renaissance Festival (LARF).

Celebrating an era when fair maidens swooned and noble knights became their men in shining armor, festival attendees (many dressed in their own fanciful costumes) enjoy various kinds of entertainment such as: wine, whisky, beer and tea tastings; medieval-style manually operated carnival rides; displays of hand to hand combat, falconry and jousting; and numerous educational demonstrations on handicrafting, cooking, woodworking and glass blowing.

Challenges & Opportunities

Because this colorful gathering of costumed participants and guests can be quite overwhelming, festival owners searched for ways to help patrons easily discover all that LARF has to offer while encouraging return visits throughout the season.

The launch of the festival’s first-ever interactive scavenger hunt alleviated this burden by placing a virtual map to the “Best of Ren Fest” in the hands of each patron. Utilizing a seamless mobile app experience where users easily signed up, completed tasks, earned points and shared their LARF experience with the social world boosted the on-ground patron experience of the festival.

The scavenger hunt:
  • Added value to the LARF experience for existing patrons.
  • Drove patrons to specific festival activities through event-oriented tasks.
  • Encouraged repeat visits throughout the season by creating challenges that specifically require multiple visits.
  • Increased activity on all social media platforms through socially strategized tasks, social campaigns and festival-specific hashtags.

The Results

The Queen’s Quests, the festivals mobile scavenger hunt, utilized the mobile app Scavify to host and manage patron experience. Over the six week period of the hunt, the app hosted 512 users who completed over 5,400 total tasks. The app integrated with social sharing where users could complete social tasks that allowed them to share their LARF experience to their personal social profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. tasks included social check-ins, picture sharing and liking the brand's social profile on each platform. Patrons received points for each completed task but were not required to complete these tasks to participate or compete for prizes.

The festival’s Facebook Page alone grew to over 39k likes, with 3,241 new likes that were a direct result of the social integration of the scavenger hunt app.

Patrons also submitted 663 user generated images that the festival may utilize in future marketing efforts. Patrons that participated in The Queen’s Quests provided positive feedback via Facebook check-in’s, comments and reviews, about the ease of use of the hunt’s app, overall fun it brought to the experience of the festival and new things they learned about the festival, even from those who have been long time patrons.

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