DNN SEO - How to Optimize the Login and Register Controls

Written by SuperUser Account on 8/15/2014
DNN SEO - How to Optimize the Login and Register Controls

This video expands upon the series I have done about DNN SEO. You can see the full series here.

There are many things to consider when performing search engine optimization but I always tell people they should have rock solid on-page optimization before worrying about things like citations and backlinks. Good on-page optimization includes ensuring there is no duplicate content. Often duplicate content is perceived because of poor website architecture. Out of the box, the DNN login and register controls cause perceived duplicate content issues. This post will tell you how to fix these issues using 2 different methods.

  1. By turning off the login and register functions altogether
  2. By creating a specific page on your DNN site to handle login and registration

Get started by watching the video below.

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